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The Integrated Vinyasa Series is the ultimate guide for breaking down simple to advanced movements in the smallest details. Its goal is to enable the practitioner to experience and understand the true meaning of “vinyasa,” which is often oversimplified as breath-inspired movement, without real explanations. Here, we take the time to explain the “hows” and the “whys” of breath and movement, starting with simple sun salutations and eventually building into more complex sequences and movements. The mechanics of breath protects us by supporting the physical integration of the entire body. We know that fascia, or connective tissues, run throughout the body. Fascia encloses and stabilizes muscles and organs within the human body. We can look at breath as the the medium through which we can experience the work of the fascia. When one part of the body moves, because of the connection of muscles throughout the body, all other parts of the body must also move. Sometimes, this connection is subtle, sometimes it’s more profound. This integration is what enables us to move safely, even in the most challenging of experiences. When our bodies are not integrated in this way, injuries are more likely to happen. The course uses the Tripsichore Sun Salutation sequences of Edward Clark, as the platform to practice techniques of physical integration and movement. The course is divided into sequences and technique. We recommend taking the course in the order in which the lessons are laid out. Techniques are designed to be practiced using sequences. Each time you learn a new technique, practice it on the sequences. Sequences are released according to the technique that you have learned. Mastering technique in the order in which they are presented allows you to access the next sequence. Eventually all techniques will be be practiced on all sequences. At the completion of the course, we recommend practicing the sequences regularly, using all of the techniques that you have learned throughout the course. We recommend this course for anyone with a regular yoga practice.


Upon payment, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the daily practices. Download links will be active for 1 week. 

The Integrated Vinyasa Series

  • This course is the ultimate guide for breaking down simple to advanced movements in the smallest details

  • You will receive an email with a download link which will be active for two weeks from the date of purchase. The course videos are provided in mp4 format. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for me to send the download link. The course videos are provided in mp4 format.

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