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Dissolution into Wholeness

This meditation is an invitation to explore the various identities that we use to describe ourselves, or the different hats or masks that we wear in our day to day interactions.

According to non dual approaches to spirituality, these identities are the ways in which we experience the diversity of life. Thus it is not the identities themselves that lead to suffering, but the resistance to letting them go when they no longer serve us that prevents us from experiencing the full capacity of our inherent gifts.

If we dive deeper into ourselves, what we may find is that the Supreme Self or the I underneath these layers is infinitely more beautiful, more empowered, more limitless than the limitations of the identities themselves.

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The Sacredness of Small Things

The Sacredness of Small Things guided meditation is inspired by one of the great mythologies of Lord Ganesha, which takes place in the palace of King Kubera, the King of wealth and opulence. This guided journey takes you through various stages with explanations and invites you into a meditation into the vastness of space, chanting the sound of GAM, breath meditation and 108 repetitions of the Ganapati Mula Mantra.


"From true knowledge of the Self, arises the power to create an entire universe." ~ Commentary on the Shiva Sutras 3.30: Roger Worthington

OCTOBER 5TH - 12TH 2024

@ The Source, Koh Phangan

Activations of your inner work into highest form begin


If you are feeling the urge to revolutionize the way we live, love, communicate, connect and create in the world, we are calling you into action now! To the ones that have walked the path of self inquiry, inner work and deeper knowledge, we invite you now to launch the embodied expression of this inner freedom into the material plane. Your leadership is in demand!


To the ones that have been practicing yoga, learning how to meditation, nurturing your inner child, deconstructing your conditioning and are asking the question, "Now what?" The light of your wisdom and higher consciousness is asking to manifest into the world of form. How and where do you direct your energy? What does the embodiment of inner work look and feel like in the real world? How do you align your outer world with your inner world?


I am partnering with Wendy May, author of Regenerative Purpose, to activate a space of collective leadership, using the frameworks from Regenerative Purpose and the wisdoms and practices of classical yoga lineages to help you map your own unique, authentic and interconnected purpose pathways.


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